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Thanksgiving Videos
Nov 2, 2020

Dear Church,

Thanksgiving Sunday has been called Agape Sunday at The Dover Church since Deane Clark was the pastor in the 60’s, 70s and 80s. Agape is a Greek word that means “selfless love,” the kind of love God has for each of us and all of us, as opposed to Eros which is a passionate, erotic love, and Philos, which is a love between friends. Agape is something you just give away.

What makes Thanksgiving/Agape Sunday special at our church is the Agape Table, with grapes and sweet breads which everyone partakes of, the music, seeing each other as we come forward, and (hopefully) a decent sermon.

As we cannot do many of those things this year due to the pandemic, I had an idea on how we could approximate some important parts into a livestream experience. I would like to invite each of you to record a short selfie video of what you are thankful for this year, i.e, “I am thankful for all the time I have spent with my family.” Then, please send your video to Beth who will create a running movie of our congregational thankfulness to play in the middle of the service on November 22. It is important that you send in your videos early so Beth has time to get the film made and Christine has time to record a Thanksgiving soundtrack to go with it. Please send in your videos by Friday, November 13th.

Peace, Max