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Hearts Together
Jun 9, 2020

Dear Sunday School students and parents and congregation,

We are starting a “Hearts Together” project as a way of bringing together the church community through this challenging time of social distancing and isolation. We think it will be fun if the hearts we create are displayed in the classroom hallway once we finally reopen. This is open for everyone in our congregation to participate in.

We are asking you to decorate one half of a heart (you can decorate as many halves as you’d like, just be sure none match up). You can decorate these heart halves any way you’d like using any medium (crayons, markers, paint, glitter, etc.) you’d like!

Click here for a heart template. You can print for easy cutting, or feel free to free-hand draw your own heart and cut it in half.

Once you have made your heart half you can deliver it to the church outside the office wing. (We have several clear boxes for things we are collecting! Or you can mail your heart to the church, P.O. Box 305, Dover, MA 02030.)

The halves will be randomly matched up and hung on the wall outside of the 3-4 Grade classroom. We hope this will be a fun project to do with your family and a way we can all stay connected during this time apart.

If you have questions about this project, please contact Sarah Hefter, sarah@thedoverchurch.org.