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Christmas Eve Special Offering
Dec 23, 2017

Christmas is a time for giving and we will be collecting two special offerings.

Our special offerings collected during our 10 am and 10 pm services will go to our Pastor's Discretionary Fund. This fund allows Max to provide needed assistance to individuals in and around the Dover community.

Our 5 pm special offering will go to Heifer International. We hope to be able to purchase a Joy to the World Gift Basket,

The Gift of Joy to the World includes two sheep, four goats, one heifer and two llamas. This Gift Basket helps people by:

  • Providing wool for blankets and clothing to keep families warm
  • Enriching crops with fertilizer, producing better yields
  • Sustaining families with enough rich milk to feed dozens of people
  • Raising money for food, clothing, medicine and school tuition

The Joy to the World Basket meets several needs at once, providing wealth, nourishment, warmth and a means for farmers to become self-sufficient. This gift reflects our determination and our belief that no challenge is too great if we come together. Join us in ending hunger and poverty for good. (www.heifer.org)

If you are not planning to be with us on Christmas Eve and would like to make a donation to either of these funds, please mail a check to the church office. Notate either "Heifer" or "Discretionary Fund" in the memo line.

Thank you for your generosity